We sell wholesale and retail

New and used wooden pallets

Our tech production allows us to make products of any shape, size, and load capacity.

More than 10 thousand units of pallets are constantly available in the company’s warehouse.

New pallets for sale

High-quality wooden pallets for any load

Wooden pallets are very popular. The secret is simple: low price and long service life. According to these parameters, pallets are superior to other types of packaging. You can use PVC tapes, film, staples, and ropes to secure your pallet and provide quality and reliable fastening of goods in each individual case.

We sell only reliable pallets that have passed quality control and comply with European standards. We have more than a thousand regular customers, the number of which is constantly growing. Nasara Group is committed to long-term cooperation and trusting partnerships with each customer.

Our staff will help you choose a product for your individual goals and objectives. We are equally attentive to both regular customers and single-order buyers.

Pallets from Nasara Group can reduce your monthly packaging costs.

Wooden pallet range

The company sells universal pallets (EPAL), which can meet the customer demand for the placement, storage, and transportation of goods. The main part of the products is always available in stock, so the delivery time is minimal.

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Natural wood pallets

Wooden pallets have a certain number of advantages in comparison with other types of packaging:

  • Pallets are made from eco-friendly materials. Wooden pallets are used for storage and transportation of vegetables, fruits, and food products since they are not harmful;
  • Pallets are rigid and strong. Each pallet element is securely fixed with fasteners. The risk of destruction or deformation during operation is excluded;
  • Pallets are weather-resistant. Even with outdoor storage, natural wood does not lose its properties;
  • Pallets are practical and well-maintainable. In case of accidental mechanical damage, the pallet can be repaired in a few minutes;
  • Pallets look simple and concise.

Single European Standard

In Europe, EPAL pallets are used. This regulation imposes unified requirements for the overall size, weight, and strength of pallets. The standard is considered generally accepted throughout the world and is used by commercial and state carriers in the course of their activities.

EPAL pallets quickly and smoothly undergo the procedure of customs clearance.

  • Reliability
  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Standard size
  • Capability to carry large amounts of weight

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