Fuel pellets for sale

Wood fuel pellets

Highly-efficient fuel

  • Eco-friendly product – completely safe for your health
  • Reduced ash content – no soot or dark smoke
  • The cost of heating is lower compared to other types of fuel
Quality pellets for boilers

Fuel pellets are a modern type of solid fuel

Eco-friendly pellets of the European standard will be an excellent solution for automatic heating systems. Practical poly bags with pellets are easy to store and convenient to transport.

Due to the reduced ash content of pellets, automatic pellet boilers can work without your intervention for a week. The pellets are safe to use, and it is convenient to fill them into the hopper.

The price of pellets is fully consistent with the quality of the product. The grinding, drying and pelletizing of wood occur strictly according to the technology.

Pellets for automatic boilers are available in any number of packages. You can have your pellets delivered or you can pick them up directly from our warehouse.

The cost of fuel pellets is less than the cost of natural gas or electricity.

Heating of any premises – cheap and efficient

Fuel pellets are gradually replacing traditional types of solid fuels: firewood, coal, and peat. The eco-friendly granular fuel has a high heat output and a long burning time. It is made from natural sawdust with the addition of binders.

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Good price and more

  • granules contain no chemicals and are pressed under high pressure;
  • the size of granules does not exceed 50 mm in diameter and 10 mm in length;
  • the calorific value is higher than that of solid fuels and is 5 kW/kg;
  • the calorific value of one granule is equal to 0.5 l of liquid fuel;
  • the ash content does not exceed 0.4% of the total volume, and 1 m3 of this fuel leaves only 4 kg of ash;
  • pellets leave no coke deposits in boiler rooms or furnaces, combustion chambers are always clean;
  • pellets can be stored even in dry rooms at a warm temperature. They are not prone to spontaneous ignition. Pellet boilers are much safer than solid or liquid fuel boilers;
  • pellets can be stored in any way you like: in containers, bags, or in bulk;
  • the production cost is low. To produce pellets, you need only 3% of the total heat of combustion. The cost of producing petroleum fuels is 10%, and the cost of generating electricity is up to 60%;
  • pellets are a promising type of fuel that is rapidly gaining popularity. Their cost does not depend on the prices of oil, as well as other types of energy carriers.
  • High calorific value
  • Low moisture content
  • Reduced ash content
  • Low carbon dioxide emissions
  • Convenient storage
  • Long burning time
  • Cost saving

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