Wholesale and retail sale of fuel briquettes

Wood fuel briquettes

Briquettes contain only natural sawdust or shavings.

The production of briquettes does not use any chemicals, as well as harmful synthetic substances or compounds.

Briquettes are considered universal fuel and are suitable for stoves, fireplaces, and solid fuel boilers.

Next-generation biofuel

Fuel briquettes: you will like the price

The cost of briquettes is much lower than that of solid fuel.

Our company guarantees exceptional quality and reasonable prices for any order volume. Each package contains 10 kg of product. Thanks to this, you can buy briquettes directly from our warehouse. What’s more, we provide attractive discounts for large orders.

Briquettes up to 20 tons are delivered throughout the Baltic States, as well as to European countries. Contact us, and we will calculate the cost of delivery.

To buy briquettes, you just need to call the contact number of the company.

Sawdust briquette catalog

Wood fuel briquettes can be used for all types of furnaces or central heating boilers. It is a great fuel for fireplaces, stoves, and grills. Briquettes can also be used for industrial heating. Due to their high efficiency, briquettes can even replace firewood if the volume of consumption increases.

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Fuel briquettes from sawdust

Are fuel briquettes a worthy alternative to coal or firewood? Here are the main characteristics of briquettes:

  • High heat transfer. Those who use this type of fuel know that briquettes burn long and are characterized by good calorific value. The efficiency of briquettes is several times higher than that of regular firewood;
  • Convenience. Many people don’t like the fact that firewood often sparks during combustion, thus creating inconvenience and even a health risk. Briquettes rarely spark, and you do not need to use any other materials to ignite them. Unlike coal, fuel briquettes are an eco-friendly material since they do not produce any unpleasant dust which then settles inside the house;
  • High temperatures and long burning time. With normal air access, a briquette can burn up to 3.0-3.5 hours. When smoldering, the burning time is even higher, i.e. up to 6 hours. The combustion temperature is consistently high and does not depend on the intensity of burning;
  • No smoke, which is the main advantage of briquettes in comparison with firewood. Smoke is not only harmful to health but also may lead to a clogged chimney. When burning briquettes, carbon monoxide is not produced;
  • Easy and convenient storage. Each briquette has a compact, well-defined shape. Therefore, even a large amount of briquettes won’t take up much space.
  • High calorific value and fuel efficiency
  • Longer burning time than that of regular wood
  • Low moisture content
  • Easy ignition
  • Safety
  • Reduced ash content
  • Convenient storage and transportation
  • Comfortable use
  • Affordable price

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