Well-organized logistics system

Pallet delivery throughout Europe, including the Baltic States

When placing an order, you can include a pallet delivery service. Our employees will pack, secure, and load your packaging into vehicles, as well as accompany your order along its delivery route.

Pallets can be immediately used for your production purposes. No additional preparation and processing are required.

Delivery to the door

Purchasing pallets with delivery included is profitable and efficient

The main specialization of our company is the manufacture, sale, and delivery of new pallets, as well as the purchase of used packaging. We have our fleet of medium and heavy-duty vehicles, which allow us to deliver any volumes of ordered products accurately and on time. The type of vehicle is chosen by our specialists and fully depends on the order size and the delivery distance.

The vehicles are equipped to carry large-sized pallets. Besides, they have special fastening and securing systems to prevent the involuntary movement of cargo during transportation. Due to these accessories, we can guarantee the maximum degree of safety for each order.

Our drivers are experienced specialists admitted to international transportation. Delays in transit and force majeure are excluded.

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Punctual and prompt delivery

What is the benefit of targeted pallet delivery?

Cooperation with our company is of mutual benefit.

The client can:

  • order any number of pallets at competitive prices;
  • choose any convenient date and time for delivery;
  • choose any convenient way to pay for the purchase;
  • choose the type of packaging.

Our high-tech production allows us to maintain an irreducible stock of products in warehouses. At any time, you can choose new packaging or buy some recycled pallets. Our product catalog contains dozens of items of any size, weight, and shape.

The cost of pallets is significantly lower than that of other companies.

  • Low prices for high-quality wooden pallets
  • Used pallets for sale
  • The optimal choice of vehicles
  • Prompt delivery
  • Low-cost delivery

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