Large warehouse in Latvia
Large warehouse in Latvia
Wooden pallets for sale

The main work direction of Nasara Group is the sale of wooden pallets.

Our products are popular among agricultural enterprises, trading companies, as well as transport and logistics companies.

Wood pellets in Latvia
Wood pellets in Latvia
We sell wood pellets at competitive prices

The company "Nasara group" sells fuel pellets for both wholesale buyers and individuals.

We provide delivery in Latvia and Europe.

Alternative fuel
Alternative fuel
Fuel wood briquettes

We sell fuel briquettes for solid fuel boilers, stoves, potbelly stoves and other heaters that run on solid fuel.

High-quality and inexpensive alternative to coal. Delivery across Latvia and Europe is possible.

Customized solutions

Nasara Group is open to cooperation with both large and private customers. We will find a common language with any client.

Offers for manufacturers

Our products will help you reduce the cost of purchasing wooden packaging. When making pallets, we always take into account the specific features of production.

Offers for retail chains and supermarkets

With the products of Nasara Group, you can easily and quickly optimize your trade turnover and build transparent supply chains.

Natural wood pallets

Where to buy pallets in Latvia?

We have over 50,000 standard-size pallets (EPAL) in stock.

Our products are noted for their affordable price and high durability. They also provide several advantages:

  • long service life;
  • easy transportation;
  • secure fastening of all elements;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • easy transportation by forklifts.

Pallets are sold wholesale and retail without restrictions.

Natural wood pallets Natural wood pallets

Nasara Group products

Pallets from Nasara Group are in demand among the leading logistics companies in Europe. Ease of use, durability, low weight and exceptional quality are the most important advantages that our consumers trust.

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Advantages of our company

  • 01
    Products always in stock
    Any pallets you need are always in stock! Together with the customer, we select pallets of suitable quality.
  • 02
    Accurately and on time
    The company values the time of its clients and knows what a smooth production process is. Therefore, your order will be delivered right on time, regardless of its volume.
  • 03
    Help you cut costs
    Nasara Group understands that the cost of purchasing wooden packaging is an integral and significant part of the budget of any production association. Deliveries are made to any city, including remote areas.
  • 04
    We work all over Europe
    The company is constantly developing and expanding its location every year. Our credo is “Deliveries without Borders”.
  • 05
    We make pallets at our own manufacturing facilities.
  • 06
    We invite you to long-term cooperation
    Among our regular customers are large terminal warehouses, European transport companies, as well as state and private commercial carriers. The company is ready for long-term cooperation with each client.

What do our clients say about us?

Natural wood pallets
CEO Company
We bought here new EPAL pallets - high-quality products, do not dry out, do not become covered with fungus and mould, do not crack. Good service and fast delivery.
We order wooden pallets only from Nasara Group, as we are satisfied with the price-quality ratio. There were no problems during the year of cooperation.
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